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Frog and mouse

  • Author:Guo
  • Release on :2015-02-06

A frog does not like his neighbor,a mouse,he is always looking for a chance to teach him a lesson.

One day, the frog visited the mouse, to persuade it to play in the water. Mouse dare not go, frog said there are ways to keep it safe.Then roping them together, the mice finally agreed to try. Under the water, the frog displayed their prowess, sometimes he swim fast, sometimes he dived to the bottom. The mouse toss a very tough battle. Finally, mice were fed a stomach water, swell and floating in the water.An eagle flying through the air,he is looking for food,he found the floating mice. Then grabbed it up. As the rope was attached to the frog,so the frog was grabbed too.After eating rats, the eagle wanted to have more food and then the eagle turned to the frog. "I never expected to do harm to myself."frog said with regret before being eaten.